June 13, 2016

160613_Shibetsu Marsh Shibetsu town, Hokkaido (Nemuro) 

Shibetsu Marsh  Shibetsu town, Hokkaido (Nemuro) 

June 13th, 2016.  by S.A
Map ⇒ https://goo.gl/maps/VAeVwTTDr832 

Oriental Turtle Dove
Grey Heron
Oriental Cuckoo
Eurasian Cuckoo
Latham's Snipe
Black-eared Kite
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
Carrion Crow
Large-billed Crow
Marsh Tit
Coal Tit
Eastern Great Tit
Japanese Bush Warbler
Sakhalin Leaf Warbler
Eastern Crowned Warbler
Lanceolated Warbler
Gray's  Warbler
Black-browed Reed Warbler
Winter Wren
Japanese Robin
Siberian Rubythroat
Siberian Stonechat
Narcissus Flycatcher
Olive-backed Pipit
Oriental Greenfinch
Long-tailed Rose Finch
Black-faced Bunting

■Pogawa Historical Place Forest Park
 Opening period:  April 29 - November 23
 Opening time :  9:00 - 17:00 (for entrance, to 16:30)
 The entrance charge:  The public of 320 yen

Lanceolated Warbler

Narcissus Flycatcher

Olive-backed Pipit

iberian Stonechat